Terlouw Rotterdam

The engine behind your success...since 1924

bootTerlouw Rotterdam is one of the leading specialists in the sale, overhaul and repair of diesel engines. With our knowledge and years of experience we can provide the best service worldwide. From our offices in Rotterdam and IJmuiden we are in a constant motion to serve the commercial shipping, fisheries, and industry.

Diesel engines are our passion, wherever they stand or operate. Traditionally the focus of Terlouw Rotterdam is on commercial shipping and industry. In addition to the diesel engines we also service generators, starting air compressors and other components around the engine. Based on our reliable results a flow of growing interest came from the market.
Businesses and individuals choose Terlouw Rotterdam because of our service and speed. Our trained staff, each individually passionate about quality can deliver faster than anyone else.
Because of these two very strong factors we are extremely flexible. That’s the engine behind our success.


Terlouw Rotterdam has a brand new, spacious and modern facility with overhead cranes in a well-equipped workshop. Terlouw is environmentally conscious, therefore all our employees are VCA certified.
All service engineers are aware of the latest techniques, but also have knowledge of the engines in your boat or machine, something you may expect from a company with our history of course. Also you can choose to moor at our dock in the Port Gantel, here is also shore power present. In addition, our service engineers can visit your ship or machine, Terlouw Rotterdam has several modern service vehicles.

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